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My progress displays differently on different devices. What should I do?

1. Check the sync indicator on all devices. If you see an exclamation point on any device, force it to sync and check to see if progress is now consistent across all devices. 2. If each device displays that it's been synced, but they still display different amounts of progress, go to the device which displays the mos…

Will I receive any print materials with my BenchPrep course?

All BenchPrep courses are completely digital, meaning there are no print materials nor printable materials included with your purchase. Core BenchPrep features like our flashcards, tests, and lessons are all optimized for your laptop, tablet, and phone! You do not need supplementary materials to complete your BenchPr…

I want to reset my entire course and start over. What should I do?

If you'd like to reset more than just your tests and practice questions (confidence levels for lessons and flashcards, for example), reach out to the BenchPrep Support Team at [email protected] or by making a ticket at [][1]. A reset is permanent, so make sure you're certain this …

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