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My course isn’t showing up on my mobile device. What do I do?

1. Close the app completely. This process is different on all devices, but for example, on a Samsung Galaxy S4, hold your home button until this screen appears: ![][1] 2. Tap the X button on the far right side to close the app. 3. Reopen the app. If your course still doesn’t show up, uninstall the app and reinstall…

I’m experiencing loading issues with my course on my desktop. What should I do?

1. Make sure you’re using BenchPrep on Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (versions 9 and above only). 2. If the problem persists, click on the person icon in the upper-right-hand corner. ![][1] 3. Select “Help” from the drop-down list, and click the link provided under “A portion of my course is …

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