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How do I mark my confidence level on questions?

1. Review the practice questions individually. 2. At the bottom of each page, above the “Done Reviewing” button, you will be prompted to mark your confidence. Your confidence level will save automatically!

How do I sort lessons and questions by confidence level?

1. On the header of the practice questions and lessons dashboards, you should see “Low Confidence,” “Medium Confidence,” and “High Confidence.” 2. Tapping each of these settings will bring up questions or lessons that are marked with these different confidence levels. 3. In BenchPrep HR courses, the Lessons…

How do I mark and sort flashcards by confidence level?

1. Once you flip a flashcard to the back side, you’ll see the question “Did you get it right?” and the options “No,” “Kinda,” and “Yes.” 2. Tapping these will automatically sort the flashcards into low, medium, and high confidence levels. 3. In the header, there are two filters you can use to sort flashcards: "…

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