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What is Extended Time? How do I extend my time on a test?

Please note that not all users will have access to extended time on tests. If a user needs extended time, you must add extended time access to their account through the Tenant Dashboard. 1. Extended time allows you to multiply the set time allowed on a test by a percentage of the original time. Once you start the tes…

How do I change my test date?

Tell the user to follow these steps: 1. Your test date and a countdown to the date are displayed on the front page of both the Home and Study Plan sections. ![][1] 2. To change the date, click on the small arrow next to the date, which will open a drop-down calendar from which you can select a new test date. ![][2…

How do I change my test date on a mobile device?

1. Go to the Study Plan section or the Home section (both will work). ![][1] 2. Tap the small arrow next to the test date. This will bring up a widget for you to change the date. [1]:

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