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How do I stop the mobile app from pausing games after each round?

This feature is only available in the web app. Sorry! You can access the web app on a mobile device by following [these steps.][1] [1]: ../../../../../kb/article/119-can-i-use-the-desktop-app-instead-of-the-mobile-app-on-a-mobile-device

How do I take practice tests on the mobile app?

1. Open the navigation menu in the mobile app and select Tests. ![][1] 2. In the Tests section, select the test you'd like to take (scroll down for more options). ![][2] 3. On the next page, tap the "Start test" button and begin. ![][3] ![][4] [1]:…

My course isn’t showing up on my mobile device. What do I do?

1. Close the app completely. This process is different on all devices, but for example, on a Samsung Galaxy S4, hold your home button until this screen appears: ![][1] 2. Tap the X button on the far right side to close the app. 3. Reopen the app. If your course still doesn’t show up, uninstall the app and reinstall…

Where are my notes and bookmarks?

Notes and bookmarks are currently accessible only through the web app. Sorry! You can open the web app on a mobile device by following [these steps][1]. [1]: ../../../../../kb/article/119-can-i-use-the-desktop-app-instead-of-the-mobile-app-on-a-mobile-device

How do I sync the mobile app and the web app?

This isn’t necessary! If you’re using both apps simultaneously or switching between apps, just refresh the web app or restart the mobile app to reflect your most recent progress.

What will happen if I work on the web and mobile apps simultaneously?

The apps should still function normally. Refresh the website or restart the mobile app to reflect the most recent progress! And please always allow the progress to fully sync before exiting out.

I downloaded the mobile app, but it won't let me log in. What should I do?

1. Uninstall the BenchPrep Companion app from your mobile device and reinstall it from either the App Store or Google Play. 2. If you are still unable to log in, contact BenchPrep Support.

How do I mark my confidence level on questions?

1. Review the practice questions individually. ![][1] ![][2] 2. At the bottom of each page, above the “Done Reviewing” button, you will be prompted to mark your confidence. Your confidence level will save automatically! ![][3] [1]:…

Where can I find discussions on the mobile app?

This feature is only available in the web app. Sorry! To open the web app on a mobile device, please follow [these steps.][1] [1]: ../../../../../kb/article/119-can-i-use-the-desktop-app-instead-of-the-mobile-app-on-a-mobile-device

How do I sort lessons and questions by confidence level?

1. On the header of the practice questions and lessons dashboards, you should see “Low Confidence,” “Medium Confidence,” and “High Confidence.” ![][1] ![][2] 2. Tapping each of these settings will bring up questions or lessons that are marked with these different confidence levels. ![][3] ![][4] 3. In BenchPrep …

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