How can I move a user from one institution to another?

1. Any tenant admin can move a user from one institution to another institution. This will not impact their course enrollment. First, open up the Tenant Dashboard and go to the Users section.

2. Using the filter, search for the user you'd like to edit.

3. After you locate that user, click on their name. Then, click on the "Edit" button.

4. Scroll down to "Reporting Organizations." Click on the "X" on the right side of the drop-down list under "Institution."

5. Type in the first few letters of the institution you're going to add this user to. This should make the full name of the institution pop up; click on the institution name.

6. Click on the "Save" button. This user is now a member of this institution. In order to ensure managers can see their data on the Boost Dashboard, you will still need to add this user to at least one group through the Institution Admin dashboard.

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  • 01-May-2018