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How do I add owners and collaborators to courses?
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From within a given course, navigate to the "Collaborators" tab. It's in the nav bar on the left side of all BluePrint pages, and it's the last item in the "Settings" category. Its icon shows people, like those you'll be adding to the course.

This page will display all collaborators (by email address) who currently have access to the course you're operating within, along with their Role (Collaborator, Owner, or Tester). You'll also see which email addresses are set up to receive notifications about course activity (builds, mainly).

If you're logged in as an Owner, you'll be able to alter the Role and email notification setting of any of these login emails. You can also revoke access to this course for a given email address by clicking the 'X' icon in the Actions column. Any of these changes will be saved immediately without confirmation, but all are easily reversed.

Note: If you need to edit the email address itself, first revoke access to the erroneous address, then follow the steps below.

Invite a New Collaborator

If you are logged in with an email address associated with the Owner role, you will see a form at the bottom of this page. As the disclaimer below the address field states, you can only add email addresses with which someone has already created a BenchPrep account. For the purposes of BluePrint, a "BenchPrep" account is necessary and is distinct from a "Richardson" account such as might be used to access the end-user side of a given program.

Note: "BenchPrep" and "Richardson" accounts may use the same email address, and multiple accounts can be created around one real address with any addition to the name that follows a plus sign. For example, "[email protected]" can exist as a unique BenchPrep account, and all email notifications associated with the account will still be sent to the address "[email protected]".

Once you've entered the login address you'd like to add, set the Role, and determined whether to enable email notifications, press "Add collaborator". If there's an error, chances are that either the email address contains a typo or it is not yet established as a BenchPrep account.


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