How do I create and send a system message?

1. A system message is an in-app message sent to all Cliffsnotes Test Prep users, regardless of course or user type. After logging in, the user will see a red number next to the mail icon in the top right-hand corner that indicates they have a new message. 

To send a system message, click on the System Message tab and fill out the two text boxes shown. 

Please keep in mind that HTML should be used to format your message. If you do not use HTML to format the message, it may appear to the student as a giant, unappealing block of text. If you need help coding with HTML, reach out to BenchPrep. We'll be happy to help! 

2. Click on the "Create Message" button. You will see a pop-up reminding you that this message goes to all students. Click "OK" if the message is ready.