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How do I use the priority system to classify my Helpdesk ticket?
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BenchPrep uses a four-tier system to classify and prioritize Helpdesk tickets. Correctly classifying tickets ensures they are answered and handled appropriately.


Priority 1 issue is a major issue that affects all users. Examples include unexpected site downtime or the platform login page URL is returning a 500 error instead of the login page.


Priority 2 issue is a minor issue that affects all users. If every user was suddenly unable to mark Confidence Levels or leave discussions, these would be Priority 2 issues.


Priority 3 issue is a major issue that affects one or a group of users, a support request, deactivating a single course for a user, or a product question not answered by a Knowledge Base article. The majority of tickets in the Helpdesk are Priority 3.


Priority 4 issue is a minor issue affecting one or more users, a support request, or a product question that does not need to be answered or completed within one week. 


With the exception of Priority 4, this system does not factor in how time-sensitive the issue is. For this reason, when you create a new ticket at , after you specify the ticket category, you are able to specify when you need a resolution/answer, how many users the issue affects. This helps the BenchPrep team understand which requests are urgent.

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