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How do I create a new group?

1. Open up the Institution Admin dashboard. If you do not have access to the institution you need to create a group for, impersonate a user who does have access. You can also locate the institution you want to create a group for in the Tenant Dashboard and select the “Jump to Institution Admin” link for that instituti…

How to set up a new Administrative Division

1. Create the Administrative Division. Go to the Administrative Divisions tab of the Tenant Dashboard and click on the “New Administrative Division” button. ![][1] [1]:

How do I create new users?

1. If you want to create a new supervisor or admin, create them via the User Admin section of the Tenant Dashboard section. Click on the "New User" button and then fill out their information on the next page. ![][1] To create students or instructors, it's much easier to do create them on the Institution Admin dashbo…

How do I set up a new client hierarchy?

1. Log in to the Tenant Dashboard and go to the Districts tab and click on the "New District" button to create a new district (This is only if you want to utilize the Districts level within the hierarchy). ![][1] 2. Go to the Institutions tab and create a new institution. This time, be sure to link the institution t…

How do I give existing users access to additional courses/assign new contracts to existing users?

1. If you haven't assigned the new course to a contract yet, create a new contract in the Contracts section of the Tenant Dashboard. ![][1] Fill out the fields for the new contract and select the associated course(s) at the bottom. Please note that when adding an instructor, you may elect for them to not take up a s…

How do I add a new institution?

1. Go to the “Institutions” tab. 2. Click on the red outlined “New Institution” button in the upper-right-hand corner. ![][1] 3. Add the institution's information. Adding a contract to the institution is optional at this step. ![][2] ![][3] New Contract Fields: * Name: The name you'd like to give the contrac…

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